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Fans Flock to Summer Jam 2014

The day started out overcast, keeping temperatures below the century mark. As show time approached, the clouds dissipated and fans moved in, with around 4,500 people packing the sold out show. For over 17 years WorldOne Presents has been bringing their popular Soul  Jam shows to the Sacramento region.

V101’s Big Al had the honors of emceeing the show, along with V101 newcomer Pacey Williams. Before the show Thunder Valley Casino personnel threw out an endless number of T-shirts into the crowd, with one T-shirt making a direct hit with a glass of beer – oops! They also tossed out a number of oversized beach balls for fans to hit back and forth during the show.

Kicking off the evening was Tony! Toni! Toné! with front man Amar Khalil leading the pack and original band member Dwayne Wiggins on guitar.

Armed with their high energy and number one hits, Khalil and Wiggins thoroughly entertained the mostly older crowd, with many still filing in to find their seats.
Both Khalil and Wiggins were in fine shape and knew it, as they both wore vests to better show off their guns.
Following Tony! Toni! TonĂ©! was Grammy Award winning Salt-N-Pepa as they stormed the stage with a couple of high energy dancers – adding to their Diva status.

I found Salt-N-Pepa’s set the most entertaining of the night with their good looks, charm and down to earth sex appeal. Both founding members Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton left it all on the stage as their original DJ, Deidra “DJ Spinderella” Roper, cranked out the tunes.

The dynamic duo of Salt-N-Pepa had great chemistry as they worked the crowds and interacted between each other and the dancers while dancing around the stage.

The trio played a number of covers during their performance, but it really didn’t seem to faze fans since Salt-N-Pepa were continually yelling out to the crowd, keeping them engaged throughout their entire set.

Of course, Salt-N-Pepa couldn’t help but end their set with their wildly popular hits “Shoop” and “Push It,” but not before bringing up a couple of gentlemen from the audience to get their groove on with the ladies.

When Keith Sweat made his way out on stage it was pandemonium as all the women in the audience brought their screams up a couple of decibels.

When Sweat started his set he appeared annoyed after his earpiece fell off. He continually was looking towards the side of the stage, making hand gestures and then turning back to the audience while singing.

During his set Sweat made the statement, “Somebody’s gonna get pregnant tonight,” several times, referring to the reputation his mostly romantic songs have among couples. Jen, a longtime fan, told me she consummated three kids while listening to Sweat’s music.

As Sweat was weaving through his hits, including, “Make It Last Forever” and “I’ll Give All My Love to You,” a male dancer was thoroughly entertaining the crowd with his dance moves. The dancer brought a level of energy to the performance that Sweat was lacking.

Sweat’s performance may have been lacking the energy of a Salt-N-Pepa, but the crowd sure didn’t seem to mind as couples were dancing and singing in the aisles.
WorldOne Presents will be bringing more soul and R&B to Thunder Valley Casino on September 13th with The Big Block Party featuring Morris Day and The Time, Sheila E, Guy, and Doug E. Fresh.
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